"Israel is a fantastic guitar teacher, willing to help both the absolute beginner as well as really accomplished players looking to hone their craft."

Andrea C.

"Mr. Saldana is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. He has the ability to teach to anyone's music level and has a unique way of breaking down music so that a student can achieve a deeper understanding of musical concepts. I would recommend Mr. Saldana to anyone at any age."

Angelo C.

"I was very young when I started lessons with Israel. He was patient, granting personalized, interest-based learning, and he always presented new opportunities to play live with him. That really sticks in my mind even today, some ten-fifteen years later, as something that grew my adolescent confidence just as much as my skill. Israel is not only a phenomenal teacher, but a good friend."

Abram L.

"I've enjoyed taking lessons and have learned a lot from Israel over the years. I have been able to play a song on stage with my grandfather at a recital. I highly recommend taking classes to any aspiring musicians that are looking to further their talent as a hobby or professionally."

Tyler C.

"Our son has been taking lessons from Israel for a few years now. Israel is a great teacher, he keeps students interested and motivated. His lessons are engaging and educational. Our son enjoys them very much and has made great progress. Now we are looking forward to our younger son to grow up and start taking music lessons from Israel as well."

Arkady F.

"Mr. Saldana is a great teacher! He learns his student's musical interests and creates very motivating lessons.

Mr. Saldana makes guitar lessons possible no matter what your schedule may look like. He is very accommodating... baseball season comes along, no problem, a big school project or test, no problem! This is so important for busy families and kids. They don't need to choose!

Very affordable and Mr. Saldana is very helpful if and when you need a new instrument.

Mr. Saldana is a great teacher! Not only does he do a great job teaching his students skills, but he also takes the time to have conversations about music with his students. He learns about his student's interests and always has something interesting to share whether it's about the Beatles or Nirvana!"

Kerrie P.

"Mr. Saldana is a gifted teacher, not just in conveying the technical aspects of playing music, but also in sharing a deep enthusiasm for the underlying fun and joy."

Paul M.

"Lessons with Mr. Saldana are awesome! Every lesson he meets you where you are at in your guitar development and makes learning it fun with music you enjoy and challenges you. He is incredibly patient, talented, can teach you any style and has an unending amount of resources. He puts a lot into each lesson and if you practice and work hard, you can get A LOT out of it!"

Meredith L.


Remote Student Recital

June 2020